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General Overview

MUR Shipping Holdings B.V. (MUR) is majority-owned by Macsteel International Holdings B.V. (MIHBV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Macsteel Global S.A.R.L BV (Luxemburg) ("Macsteel"). Macsteel is a global trading and distribution organisation.

MUR offers shipping services covering numerous regular trade routes, with over 900 voyages per annum translating to more than 45 million tonnes of cargo shipped every year.

The organisation has over 250 employees worldwide, with operations in over 13 countries, and controls up to 150 owned and chartered vessels operating on 25 routes.

MUR’s aim has always been to manage its fleet effectively and efficiently for customers’ value creation, and the development of enduring client relationships. We tailor our services to fit clients’ shipping needs, delivering solutions that are as dependable as they are innovative.

Small wonder then that we have grown from shipping 1 million tonnes of cargo a year in 1995 to more than 45 million today.